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Training Insights, Inc. works with telecommunications companies to provide turnkey training programs that yield dynamic results. Our mission is to create and to help you sustain "conscious competence" within your sales personnel, customer service personnel, field engineers, and technical services representatives. We provide a multi-tiered training dynamic based on over 25 years of vertical applications throughout the industry, proven to positively impact your bottom line. We tailor specifically for you courses in local exchange services, long distance services, customer service skills, applications selling skills, and data communications.

Announcing our new website devoted to children AMAZINGMAZY.COM! We are committed to supporting the most crucial years for our children, ages of 6-9!


Virginia C. Smith

Virginia is the author of The Dolphin Lady - a true story about her 18 year relationship with a pod of wild spinner dolphins in the ocean waters of Hawaii.
She is also a renowned trainer and business-career coach.


Welcome to our updated Web Site! We are excited to meet you and to share with you our dynamic training opportunities and their equally dynamic results.

As the requirements and competitive issues initiated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 roll out, the world of telecommunications appears (and is) chaotic to your sales and service employees, not to mention to your customer base and prospective customers.

Acclaimed organizational and customer service advocates declare that wittingly or not your technical, sales and customer service employees loudly display your vision, mission and ethics every working day. Malcolm Baldridge Award and ISO Certification recipients continue to train their employees as if their lives depended on it - guess why!

Volumes of testimonials affirm the dramatic, sustained success achieved by sales and service professionals after receiving/applying the Training Insights "experience": product training, skills training and support. Providing this empowering experience to new hires, before introducing a product, and when changing an offering communicates through your employees to your customers that yours is a "consciously competent" organization, dedicated to product and service excellence.

"Contact Us!" We look forward to discussing your immediate and future training needs.

Virginia C. Smith

Founder/President, Training Insights, Inc.

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